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TMD 2016

Hello, all you lovely people!
As most of you probably know, last weekend was the 33rd annual Texian Market Days in Richmond, Texas at the George Ranch Historical Park. Emily and I had a blast (even in those few moments when the crowd thinned and it got quiet enough for us to realize how little caffeine we had consumed that day ;P )!
The vendor in the booth next to us, Curt Locklear, is an author, and he plays the banjo and the guitar. Emily and I are occasionally musically inclined (read: we put our headphones in and have dance parties by ourselves because we’re cool like that), so we sang a few songs with him. Despite being a bit nerve-wracking, it really was fun!
Image may contain: 2 people , people smiling , child
From the left: Mr. Locklear, a marvelously attractive hat rack, Katherine, and Emily.
Besides taking this picture, our sister Jennifer recorded a video of one of the songs we sang: Amazing Grace.
Talk to you later!
Katherine Westerman

Just Monkeying Around

I craft in class. It’s fact, and it’s also a nice ice-breaker, because (so far) no one in my classes have any idea what I’m doing (NEITHER DO I).

Last week, one of my classmates asked me what kinds of animals I could make. I haven’t yet encountered an animal that wasn’t on the internet already, so I told him that I could make pretty much anything. He then asked me to make him a monkey, which I have now done.

I’ve got to tell you, it was immensely satisfying to see a full grown man light up over a stuffed animal.

You can get the free pattern here: Chinese New Year Monkey pattern by Stephanie Jessica Lau.