The Octopus With Blue Eyes

Octopi (octopodes? octopusses? octopeople?) are generally known for their eight limbs, their slimy skin, and fabulous ink-making capabilities. Thankfully, amigurumi can’t spray ink everywhere (note to self: MAKE THAT HAPPEN), although they are adorable.

This little octopus was originally not an amigurumi; it was more like a finger puppet. So, I added a couple of rounds to the body to close it up (as you can see on my project page). It’s such a tiny little thing that it can fit in your palm!

Then, I made a seal, complete with a pink tutu (no outfit is complete without the addition of a tutu)!

Its whole body was made in pieces and then sewn together, which was a total of only seven pieces if I remember correctly (I’ve made an amigurumi with more than thirteen before, and that was a beast).

About Katherine Westerman

Katherine was 16 years old when she and her sister, Emily, started up Yarn Yetis as a way to sell their handmade crafts. She enjoys knitting, crocheting, quilting, reading, cooking, blogging, playing the flute and ukulele, and playfully terrorizing her little siblings.