Sock Sweater Survives Sweltering Summer

I’m DONE *maniacal laughter*!

It took me six months and a good deal of my attention (I can’t say ALL of my attention, because I’m hardly a monogamous crafter), but I am finally done. I am so happy with the finished project! The hoodie is awesome, and it all fits so perfectly!

Part of me never wants to make another fingering weight top (it just takes so long to complete!), but another part of me loves the drape and feel of the thinner fabric. Only time will tell which part will win!

 One thing I hadn’t expected as a result of knitting this sweater is that it has made me excited for fall to get here. I can’t wait!

If you’d like to make a sweater similar to mine, I made the smallest size of the Brooklyn Bridge Cardigan by Melissa Wehrle from the book Metropolitan Knits using Hawthorne Fingering Kettle Dye Yarn in the Blackbird colorway.

About Katherine Westerman

Katherine was 16 years old when she and her sister, Emily, started up Yarn Yetis as a way to sell their handmade crafts. She enjoys knitting, crocheting, quilting, reading, cooking, blogging, playing the flute and ukulele, and playfully terrorizing her little siblings.